Information for Exhibitors

Exhibitors may bring any audio-visual or computer equipment required for the exhibit. Equipment may also be rented from the conference center at a cost to the exhibitor; refer to the price list. Submit the AV-Computer Service Kit Order Form with the space request. We will contact you about AV costs after reviewing the exhibit space request; please be aware that all AV costs will have to be paid via credit card.

Completed forms should be emailed to or faxed to 617-496-7523 .

If you have questions about exhibiting or if you would like to receive information about sponsorship, please contact

Shipping Instructions

For clarity of information, please defer to these shipping instructions rather than those on the Seaport website.

  1. Deliveries to the Seaport World Trade Center Boston for ADASS XX will be accepted no earlier than Thursday, November 4. The hotel will store your delivery for arrival.

  2. Ship to

    Diana Hogan, Conference Manager
    c/o ADASS 2010
    attn:  Exhibitor’s Name
    Seaport World Trade Center
    200 Seaport Boulevard
    Boston, MA 02110
    Telephone: 617-385-4358
    Fax: 617-385-5090
  3. Please email and, with information regarding

    • Expected Date of Arrival
    • Number of Packages Shipped
    • Approximate Weight of Delivery
    • Claimant’s Name and Contact Information
      1. Telephone
      2. Email
      3. Institution Name
      4. Address
  4. Exhibitors retrieve packages from the Seaport Business Center on the Harbor Level at the World Trade Center. All packages will incur a Handling Fee and are subject to change:

    Weight Cost
    Up to 20 lbs $5.00
    20-50 lbs $10.00
    50+ lbs $30.00
    Display Cases, Crates, Pallets $85.00
  5. The Handling Fee is payable upon pickup. The Business Center’s hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EDT. The Center accepts cash and credit cards, or exhibitors may charge the fee to their Seaport guest room. If you need assistance to bring your delivery to the Ballroom, the hotel staff will be happy to assist you.

  6. Exhibit representatives are to repack, label, seal, and deliver items to the Business Center. If assistance is required to bring your delivery from the Ballroom to the Center, the hotel staff will be happy to assist you.

  7. Exhibits are to leave the Seaport by Wednesday, November 10, 5:00 p.m.

  8. Return Shipments

    When shipping items through Federal Express or other carriers, please have a prearranged account number and billing information to give to the WTC Shipping Office; else, be prepared to pay the amount due.

  9. Your cooperation in working within these parameters is appreciated.