Keynote Speaker

Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram Research
Making Scientific Data Computable

Invited Speakers

O05_1Alberto AccomazziSmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatorySemantic Interlinking of Resources in the Virtual Observatory Era
O04_2Kimberly ArcandSmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryThe Aesthetics of Astronomy
O01_1Tamas BudavariJohns Hopkins UniversityCross-Identification of Astronomical Objects
O11_1Wolfgang GentzschOpen Grid ForumBig Science on DEISA and PRACE - A European HPC Ecosystem
O14_1Alyssa GoodmanHarvard UniversityThe Past and Future of Linked Views in Scientific Visualization
O06_2Gretchen GreeneSpace Telescope Science InstituteOptimizing Architectures for Multi Mission Archives
O09_1Perry GreenfieldSpace Telescope Science Institute what Python can do for Astronomy
O13_1Tsuyoshi HamadaNagasaki UniversityAstrophysical N-body simulation on a cluster of GPUs
O07_1Pedro Garcia LarioEuropean Space Astronomy CentreFirst year in-flight and early science with the Herschel Space Observatory
O04_1Zolt LevaySpace Telescope Science InstituteData to Pictures to Data: Outreach Imaging Software and Metadata
O08_1Petrus MartensMontana State UniversityComputer Vision for the Solar Dynamics Observatory: Status and What's Next?
O06_1Salvatore MeleCERNOpen Access in High-Energy Physics
O10_1Richard MushotzkyNASA/GSFCWhat Observers Really Want
O03_1Alex SzalayJohns Hopkins UniversityAmdahl's Laws and Extreme Data Intensive Computing