Oral Presentations

The following speakers have been selected to give oral presentations at the conference.

O12_2 Arviset, Christophe Synergy between Archives, VO and the Grid at ESAC
O14_3 Bailer-Jones, Coryn Bayesian inference of stellar parameters and interstellar extinction using parallaxes and multiband photometry
O14_4 Bamford, Steven Measuring the physical properties of galaxy components using modern surveys
O09_2 Barsdell, Benjamin Fitting Galaxies on GPUs
O10_2 Becla, Jacek LSST Database Architecture - Preparing for the Extreme Scale Analytics
O03_2 Bertin, Emmanuel Automated morphometry with SExtractor and PSFEx.
O07_3 Burgon, Ross Data Processing Challenges for the Gaia Science Alerts System
O14_2 Chilingarian, Igor The true bottleneck of modern scientific computing in astronomy
O05_2 Connolly, Andrew A new way to interact with data using social networking technologies
O13_4 Connors, Alanna LIRA, the Low-counts Image Restoration and Analysis Package: a Teaching Version via "R"
O08_2 Csillaghy, André HELIO – Services and Workflows for the Heliophysics Integrated Observatory
O11_2 Economou, Frossie The JSA and the Grid: How "infinite" computing power enables a new archive model for PI-led observatories
O13_5 Federl, Pavol On-line Access and Visualization of Multi-dimensional FITS Data
O04_3 Gabriel, Carlos The COSPAR Capacity Building Initiative
O06_3 Gray, Norman Digital Preservation and Astronomy: Lessons for funders and the funded
O11_3 Hassan, Amr Distributed GPU Volume Rendering of ASKAP Spectral Data Cubes
O05_3 Kim, Dae-Won Automatic QSO Selection Algorithm Using Time Series Analysis and Machine Learning
O13_2 Labrie, Kathleen The Gemini Recipe System: a dynamic workflow for automated data reduction
O02_2 Lee, Matthias Massively Parallel Fourier-Space Cross-Correlation for Analyzing Highly Dimensional Time Series Databases
O02_5 Lewis, Jim The Future of ADASS Proceedings -- Introduction
O09_3 Lewis, Jim The Future of ADASS Proceedings -- Vote
O12_3 Mahadevan, Venkat A Distributed Datacube Analysis Service for Radio Telescopes
O01_2 Pineau, Francois-Xavier Efficient and scalable cross-matching of (very) large catalogues
O10_4 Ponz, Daniel The Cherenkov Telescope Array Project
O10_3 Schwarz, Joseph Goodbye to WIMPs: A Scalable Interface for ALMA Operations
O03_3 Siemiginowska, Aneta pyBLoCXS: Bayesian Low-Counts X-ray Spectral Analysis in Sherpa
O12_1 Valdes, Francisco The Marriage of Mario (NHPPS) and Luigi (OGCE)
O07_2 Veillet, Christian The CFHT Legacy Survey: Done!
O13_3 McGarvey, Kenny A Pattern Recognition System for the Automated Tracking and Classification of Meteors Using Digital Image Data
O02_1 Walton, Nicholas VAMDC: The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre
O02_4 Wiley, Keith Astronomical Image Processing with Hadoop
O02_3 Zolotukhin, Ivan Pig as a Solution for Accessing Peta-scale Astronomical Datasets