Poster Presentations

All posters will be in the Harborview Ballroom.

Poster Program

P082 Aldcroft, Tom Asciitable: an extensible Python module to read and write ASCII tables Software Tools
P047 Anderson, Kenneth LOFAR and HDF5: Towards a New Radio Data Standard Archives
P044 Andrecut, Mircea GALFACTS RFI Excision Methods Data Analysis
P126 Aoki, Takahiro Statistical analysis of noise for highly-reliable fringe search Data Analysis
P030 Ballester, Pascal Reflex: Scientific Workflows for the ESO Pipelines Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P050 Bardeau, Sebastien New concepts in CLASS Software Tools
P072 Barg, Irene NOAO E2E next generation distributed file management using iRODS Software Tools
P040 Becciani, Ugo Large Astrophysical Objects Visualization on SmartPhone Visualization
P080 Bernst, Irina MAGIX: Generic tool for fitting models to astrophysical data Software Tools
P048 Berriman, Bruce Computing Periodograms on Clusters and Clouds (withdrawn) Data Analysis
P099 Bogart, Joanne Changing Horses in Midstream: Fermi LAT Computing and SCons Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P051 Broguiere, Dominique TELCAL: the ALMA On-Line Calibration Software Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P084 Burke, Douglas Charming users into scripting CIAO with Python - the ciao_contrib.runtool module Software Tools
P113 Cardiel, Nicolas Using boundary fits to determine spectra pseudo-continua Data Analysis
P001 Ceballos, M. Teresa Processing chains for Characterization and Data Analysis of TES X-ray detectors Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P011 Chabaud, Pierre-Yves Overview of CeSAM tools and services for CoRot mission Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P115 Charcos-Llorens, Miguel The Challenge of Data Reduction for Multiple Instruments on SOFIA Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P070 Clark, Mark The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: An Update Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P012 Conseil, Simon EMphot: photometric software with Bayesian priors. Application to GALEX. Data Analysis
P038 Costa, Alessandro VisIVODesktop 3.0: a new interactive desktop environment for astrophysical visualization Visualization
P075 Cowan, Bruce Technologies for High Speed Data Handling in the ATST Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P042 Cross, Nicholas Automated Curation of Infrared Imaging Data in the WFCAM & VISTA Science Archives. Archives
P081 De Cuyper, Jean-Pierre The Archive and Digitisation Facility at the Royal Observatory of Belgium Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P059 De Jong, Jeroen Recording the history of Herschel Data Processing in the data products. Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P058 Deep, Atul Data Analysis of AO Images in Crowded Stellar Fields Data Analysis
P027 Delgado, Arancha Solar System Body Observations Discovery on the ESO Archival Data Data Analysis
P103 Dencheva, Nadezhda Improving the Position Accuracy In Archived HST Images Archives
P005 Derriere, Sebastien Building a smart portal for astronomy Visualization
P018 Dorner, Bernhard First simulation and data reduction of a JWST/NIRSpec observation Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P104 Dower, Theresa Astronomical Uses of Flex/Javascript Integration for Search Visualization Visualization
P076 Dowler, Patrick Infrastructure and Virtual Observatory Standards Virtual Observatory
P100 Dubois, Richard Two Years Before the Mast: Fermi LAT Computing Two Years After Launch - Eight to Go! Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P055 Duvert, Gilles ASPRO2: optical interferometry made easy. Software Tools
P021 Fajersztejn, Nicolas Storing data in Science Archives: striving for a common infrastructure Archives
P013 Fenouillet, Thomas CeSAM : The Astrophysical Data Center of Marseille Archives
P085 Galle, Elizabeth C. Python Scripting for CIAO Data Analysis Data Analysis
P006 Gastaud, Rene MirimSim: a scientific simulator for Mirim Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P077 Gaudet, Séverin Virtualisation and Grid Utilisation within the CANFAR Project Archives
P009 Gheller, Claudio The PRACE e-Infrastructure: European High Performance Computing for Science Virtual Observatory
P092 Gibbs, Danny Maintaining Software for Active Missions: A Case Study of Chandra's instrumentation Over Time Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P125 Gibson, Rob A Framework for End to End Simulations of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P086 Glotfelty, Kenny dax: ds9 analysis extensions in CIAO Visualization
P041 Gomez-Alvarez, Pedro HILTS: The Herschel Inspector and Long Term Scheduler Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P014 Granet, Yohann FASE : Future Astronomical Software Environment : How to include tools and systems into FASE Environment. Software Tools
P049 Groom, Steve Designing Astronomical Archives for the Future Archives
P118 Guram, Sukhpreet GALFACTS Data Processing Pipeline Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P123 Haeussler, Boris GALAPAGOS, a semi-automated tool for galaxy profile fitting Data Analysis
P031 Hanuschik, Reinhard Closing the observing loop across continents: data transfer between Chile and Europe Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P107 Hodge, Philip Recent Improvements to COS Pipeline Calibration Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P043 Holliman, Mark Service infrastructure for cross-matching distributed datasets using OGSA-DAI and TAP Virtual Observatory
P127 Ibarra Ibaibarriaga, Aitor XMM-Newton Remote Interface to Science Analysis Software: First public version Data Analysis
P056 Jenness, Tim SCUBA-2 Data Processing Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P087 Joye, William New Features of SAOImage DS9 Visualization
P110 Katkov, Ivan A new sky subtraction technique for low surface brightness data Software Tools
P101 Kelly, Heather Maintenance Madness: Fermi LAT Offline Computing's Experience with External Libraries and Support of its User and Developer Communities Software Tools
P071 Kent, Brian The GRIDView Visualization Package Visualization
P002 Khalatyan, Arman The Collaborative Simulation MetaData Management-CoSiMM Software Tools
P039 Knapic, Cristina LBT Distributed Archive: status and features. Archives
P008 Kouzuma, Shinjirou Near-infrared variable AGNs derived by cross-identification Virtual Observatory
P102 Kuemmel, Martin Improved Cosmic Ray Rejection for Slitless Spectroscopic Data Software Tools
P062 Lacy, Mark Data processing and archiving at the North American ALMA Science Center Archives
P036 Laurino, Omar VODKA - A Data Discovery Agent for the Virtual Observatory. Virtual Observatory
P007 Le Fèvre, Jean-Paul Distribution of Svom VOEvents using the XMPP protocol Virtual Observatory
P088 Lee, Nicholas P. Science Data Systems Regression testing of CIAO Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P106 Levay, Karen Creation, Maintenance, and Use of the MAST/STScI Publications Database Virtual Observatory
P033 Los, Edward The DASCH Data Processing Pipeline and Multiple Exposure Plate Processing Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P105 Lubow, Steve Cross Matching Sources In the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) Virtual Observatory
P083 Lyn, Janine The Crates Library - The redesigned Python interface for scripting languages Software Tools
P112 Magee, Daniel WFC3RED: A HST Wide Field Camera 3 image processing pipeline. Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P010 Malapert, Jean-Christophe SITools2 - Framework for data access layer Data Analysis
P045 Malkov, Oleg Cross-matching large photometric catalogues for parameterization of single and binary stars Virtual Observatory
P069 Masters, Joe A Data Analysis and Mapping Pipeline for the Green Bank Telescope Data Analysis
P111 McConnell, Sabine A Database for Data Mining Applications in Astronomy Software Tools
P094 McLaughlin, Warren CSC Sky in Google Earth Visualization
P089 Miller, Joseph Imaging in ChIPS Visualization
P097 Mink, Douglas Data Pipelines for the TRES Echelle Spectrograph Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P015 Moreau, Chrystel The HST-COSMOS & zCosmos information system Archives
P117 Morrison , Jane The Data Handling and Analysis Software for the Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) on JWST Pipelines (Spaced-Based Instruments)
P079 Motch, Christian The XID results database of the XMM-Newton Survey Science Center Archives
P090 Nguyen, Dan The Sherpa Maximum Likelihood Estimator Software Tools
P025 O'Mullane, William Gaia: Processing to Archive Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P004 Oberto, Anaïs Build YOUR All-Sky view with Aladin Visualization
P026 Osuna, Pedro ESA SOHO Science Archive (withdrawn) Archives
P020 Ott, Stephan HIPE, HIPE, HOORAY! Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P096 Panasyuk, Alexander Transparent management of stored command sequences in SOHO/UVCS ground software. Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P114 Pascual, Sergio PyEmir: Data Reduction Pipeline for EMIR, the GTC Near-IR Multi-Object Spectrograph Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P065 Pence, William New Methods for Compressing FITS Binary Tables Software Tools
P067 Peng, Nanbo CUDA-Acclerated SVM for Celestial Objects Classification Data Analysis
P120 Peracaula, Marta Segmentation and detection of extended structures in low frequency astronomical surveys using hybrid wavelet decomposition. Data Analysis
P121 Pound, Marc CARMA Correlator Graphical Setup Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P066 Ptak, Andrew Automated X-ray and Optical Analysis of the Virtual Observatory and Grid Computing Virtual Observatory
P060 Rafferty, Tom New control system software for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P078 Redman, Russell Preparing Data for Archiving Archives
P046 Renting, Adriaan Design and implementation of the LOFAR Long Term Archive data model and interfaces Archives
P019 Rauch, Thomas Spectral Analysis in the Virtual Observatory Virtual Observatory
P052 Roche, Jean-Christophe Interfacing two ALMA softwares: TELCAL within CASA Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P016 Roehlly, Yannick The Herschel Database in Marseille Archives
P108 Rogers, Anthony SpaceRocks! A Mobile App to Access the STScI Archive Archives
P061 Rostopchin, Sergiy A New Approach to Presenting Ancillary Data at the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P022 Saxton, Richard An upper limit server for X-ray astronomy Virtual Observatory
P073 Seaman, Rob Tile-compressed FITS Kernel for IRAF Software Tools
P034 Servillat, Mathieu Astrometry Correction of the DASCH scanned photographic plates Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P063 Shirasaki, Yuji Current Status of the Japanese Virtual Observatory Portal Virtual Observatory
P035 Sitongia, Leonard Image Processing Pipelines with Java, Databases and IDL Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P098 Smalley, Kyle New Language, Go, promising for Scientific Programming Software Tools
P037 Smareglia, Riccardo VO-DANCE Virtual Observatory
P109 Sontag, Chris TEAL, the Task Editor And Launcher Software Tools
P064 Stephens, Thomas An Automated Release Manager For The Fermi Large Area Telescope Software Systems Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P032 Stoehr, Felix Machine learning: quality control of HST grism spectra Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P003 Streicher, Ole Subtraction of the Sky background in MUSE Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P017 Surace, Christian ETC42 a VO compliant Exposure Time Calculator Virtual Observatory
P116 Swinbank, John The LOFAR Transients Pipeline Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P053 Teplitz, Harry Science Validation of the Spitzer Source List Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P122 Teuben, Peter drpacs: A simple Unix execution pipeline using make Software Tools
P074 Thomas, Brian Development of an VO Registry Subject Ontology using Automated Methods Virtual Observatory
P095 Van Stone, David CSCview, a Graphical User Interface to the Chandra Source Catalog Visualization
P028 Vera, Ignacio Centralised FITS metadata handling framework at ESO Archives
P029 Vuong, Myha Feedback from the ESO archive: towards observatory use optimization Archives
P119 Warner, Craig The MMT-Pol Instrument Control System Pipelines (Ground-Based Instruments)
P093 Watry, Aaron Chandra Footprint Service: Visualizing Chandra's Sky Coverage Visualization
P124 Westman, David Detection of Periodic Variability in Simulated QSO Light Curves Data Analysis
P057 Yamada, Yoshiyuki Application of Gaia analysis software AGIS to Nano-JASMINE Pipelines (Space-Based Instruments)
P054 Yamauchi, Chisato Development of "AKARI" Catalogue Archive Server Virtual Observatory
P128 Yasuda, Naoki A method for measuring distortion in wide-field imaging with high order polynomials Software Tools
P068 Zhang, Yanxia LS-SVM applied for Photometric Classification of Quasars and Stars Data Analysis

Extended Poster Program

BoF2 Fitzpatrick, Michael IRAF and Beyond
BoF3 Goodman, Alyssa Astronomy Visualization for Education and Outreach
BoF1 Gray, Norman and Lewis, Jim ADASS Publications
BoF4 Pence, William FITS BoF
BoF5 Wise, Michael Towards HDF5: Encapsulation of Large and/or Complex Astronomical Data
T1 Chilingarian, Igor and Zolotukhin, Ivan CROSS-IDENTIFYING DATA RESOURCES IN THE VO ERA
T2 Seaman, Rob and Williams, Roy Techniques for Time Domain Astronomy
F2 Boch, Thomas Aladin, an open source all sky browser
F5 Fay, Jonathan Whats next with the WorldWide Telescope?
F1 Lopez Garcia, Alvaro 'Software package for Solar System objects Astrometry'
F3 Refsdal, Brian Advanced Python Scripting using Sherpa
F4 Schulz, Bernhard Demo: The SPIRE Photometer Interactive Analysis Package