Reflex, a flexible environment for executing modular pipelines as scientific workflows at ESO

Ballester, Pascal

The standard, operational pipelines for the VLT instruments are executed as a non-interruptible, monolithic data reduction sequence. Not the best method for users trying to reduce their data individually, using their preferred methods and/or parameters. ESO has now released the scientific workflow environment Reflex 1.0 together with a scientific workflow to reduce the data produced with the VLT UVES instrument. Within Reflex the modules of a data reduction pipeline can be combined interactively to execute the recipes in a different way than the predefined operational mode, to optimize iteratively the reduction parameters, and to execute the user's own Python reduction scripts. We will demonstrate Reflex 1.0 with the UVES workflow.

Furthermore, we will show the 2010 release of the ESO-Midas data analysis system.

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