'Software package for Solar System objects Astrometry'

Lopez Garcia, Alvaro

CCD observations of asteroids and big planets are obtained at Valencia Observatory (OAUV) since 2001. Algorithms for analyzing images in asteroids and satellites observations have been developed, adapting the software applied previously to photographic plates developed since 1985.

Specific software packages presented are:

1. Ephemeris of minor planets and satellites.

Minor planets to be observed at one selected night can be obtained now from MPC software. As our work goes back to 25 years, we developed our own algorithm.

2. Stellar maps presentation.

Our software allows presenting on PC screen CCD image and zone map with similar scale and orientation.

3. Frame data files.

For each CCD frame we generate a 'frame file' with observation data and stars coordinates and magnitudes around the frame field. This file is used in measuring step.

4. Measuring and reduction of CCD fields.

Measurement is done in `automatic' way and complemented in `manual' way. After images detection, corresponding catalogue stars are fitted. Process for satellites is similar and main satellites can be selected for each planet.

5. Residual of observations.

Minor planets observations are checked after fitting. We integrate the orbit and get precise ephemeris for the epoch of observation. For big residuals we reconsider the full process. In some cases the solution is not trivial and next step should be applied.

6. Detection of moving objects.

Two frames with time interval of few minutes are obtained for each asteroid observation. We can surpass the difficulty to detect or identify the moving object by comparing both frames. Blinking of superposed frames can show the motion of asteroid images versus star positions.

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