Synergy between Archives, VO and the Grid at ESAC

Arviset, Christophe

ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre, near Madrid, is the default centre for ESA astronomy and planetary missions’ science operations and their respective scientific archives (eg XMM-Newton, ISO, Integral, Herschel, Planck, Mars Express, Venus Express, Rosetta, Huygens, Soho, ...).

Over the years, in support to the Science Operations Centres at ESAC, we have set up an EGEE compatible GRID infrastructure. This has been built:

1) to facilitate daily research for scientists at ESAC,

2) to provide high computing capabilities for project data processing pipelines (eg Herschel),

3) to support science operations activities (e.g. calibration monitoring).

Furthermore, closer collaboration between the science archives, the Virtual Observatory (VO) and data processing activities has led to an other GRID use case: the Remote Interface to XMM-Newton SAS Analysis (RISA); a web service-based system, which allows users to launch SAS tasks transparently to the GRID, save results on VO storage and visualize them through VO tool.

The paper will present real and operational use cases of Grid usages in these contexts.

The authors want to thank the ESAC Computer and GRID Support Group, the ESAC Science Archives and VO Team, the XMM-Newton SAS team and the Herschel Data Processing Team.

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