Large Astrophysical Objects Visualization on SmartPhone

Becciani, Ugo

Data from the query on digital sky survey databases, high-resolution and

long-duration simulations using high performance computing and grid systems produce multidimensional datasets in the order of Petabytes. One of the most important tasks is to share the results with the scientific community and to study the obtained results in collaborative research groups. Moreover outreach programs can obtain great advantage from multi-dimensional data visualization. Thus, the need to create and deploy new instruments that allow data producers to easily visualize their data is constantly growing. Similar targets be reached in dissemination programs and for high educational courses allowing students to learn with great detail effects that cannot be easily understood without advanced visualization tools, such as the star and galaxy formation process and the large scale structure formation of the universe. In the last few years we developed the tool VisIVO to visualize large astrophysical datasets. Now we are moving to offer researchers a new web-based instrument (named VisIVO Web), that allows the multidimensional visualization of very large datasets without installing any software in the local PC and producing images and movies that can be shared in collaborative environments. Data visualization can also be used in any educational context and for dissemination purposes. The user wishing to show his data can use the new VisIVO SmartPhone application allowing him to retrieve and visualize the requested data and movies directly on his SmartPhone.

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