Changing Horses in Midstream: Fermi LAT Computing and SCons

Bogart, Joanne

Several years into GLAST (now Fermi) software development it became evident we would need a replacement for our orignal build system, the Configuration Managerment Tool (CMT) developed at CERN, in order to support Mac users and to keep pace with newer compilers and operating systems for our traditional platforms: Linux and Windows. The open-source product SCons emerged as the only viable candidate and development began in earnest several months before Fermi's successful launch. Over two years later, the conversion is nearing completion.

This paper describes our use of SCons, concentrating on the resulting environment for users and developers of our software. Topics discussed include

* SCons and its interction with Fermi code organization

* GoGui, a cross-platform gui for Fermi developers

* Issues specific to Windows developer support

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