Processing chains for Characterization and Data Analysis of TES X-ray detectors

Ceballos, M. Teresa

EURECA (EUropean-Japanese Calorimeter Array) is a collaboration between Europe and Japan to develop a prototype of an X-ray Imaging detector based on TES (Transition Edge Sensor) technology.

Inside this project, the software group with developers from SRON (Netherlands), IFCA (Spain) and ISDC (Switzerland) institutes, is responsible for the elaboration of a full set of processing chains to characterize the TES and to process the real data collected by the instrument.

In collaboration with SRON, the IFCA X-ray astronomy group has developed six software chains for data processing and instrument characterization:

- XRAYCHAIN: devoted to data analysis and energy resolution

- IVCHAIN: IV (current-voltage) curve characterization

- ZCHAIN and ZPOSTCHAIN: complex impedance parametrization and physical parameters

- TESCHAIN and TESPOSTCHAIN: spectral noise characterization and noise components

This software package has a double functionality being possible to run the chains in an interactive way (following user's instructions) or in an automatic (programmed) way, since it also includes one automatic pipeline that fully processes the input data according to their type and some fixed user's specifications.

Finally, the ISDC group is responsible for the development of a set of graphical tools to manage and display the chains results.

We present here a description of the pipeline and processing chains developed by the IFCA-SRON collaboration, i.e. algorithms used, tasks which compose the chains, user selectable parameters and output information provided.

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