VisIVODesktop 3.0: a new interactive desktop environment for astrophysical visualization

Costa, Alessandro

The primary goal of scientific visualization techniques is to create visual images and animations to aid the scientist in understanding complex data. Visualization allows one to easily discover properties and correlation inside complex data without effort and without involving any numerical algorithm or CPU intensive analysis codes.

We present VisIVODesktop 3.0, a new generation software designed in order to provide a multi-platform desktop environment for the interactive visualization of cosmological simulations. It provides an accurate representation of the density distribution in the computational box using hybrid rendering with volume rendering and point visualization.

Each point is injected to nearby voxels using an elliplical, Gaussian distribution function. The opacity transfer functions can be tuned in order to reveal fine details of cosmological structures.

We show an overview of the main features of the software and some details about the visualization pipeline.

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