ASPRO2: optical interferometry made easy.

Duvert, Gilles

We present the abilities of the first release of ASPRO2, a complete observation preparation tool developed and maintained by the Jean-Marie Mariotti Centre for Expertise in Interferometry (JMMC) that allows to prepare interferometric observations with the VLTI, CHARA and other interferometers.

ASPRO2 is a Java standalone program acting as an interferometer simulator coupled with an object modeler. Based on the experience acquired with its ancestor ASPRO, it provides an attractive and clear dynamic graphical interface, the ability to use it off line, load and save observation settings, generate Observing Blocks, and many more useful features.

Relying on Virtual Observatory techniques, ASPRO2 is interoperable with other applications, either those developed at JMMC for optical interferometry specific purposes (calibrator search, OI-FITS explorer, model fitting) or more general VO tools (Topcat, Aladin...)

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