Storing data in Science Archives: striving for a common infrastructure

Fajersztejn, Nicolas

Science Archive Team at ESAC (European Space Astronomy Centre) are responsible for developing, maintaining and operating the Science Archives for all the Astronomy and Planetary missions.

Managing the storage and ingestion of data into the Science Archives has always been a challenging process. Due to the different nature of the missions, each one with its peculiarities, the data produced has a great variety of formats and is always delivered in very project-specific way. Limited available technology at the time led to very heterogeneous ways of extracting and ingesting data from the various Science Products into many different Relational Databases. In spite of these limitations, the team succeeded in building the first generation of Science Archives.

Based on the experience accumulated over the past decade from building several archives, evolution into the second generation of archives with a common infrastructure to support the storage and ingestion of data in a more flexible way has become possible. The poster will illustrate this transformation.

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