MirimSim: a scientific simulator for Mirim

Gastaud, Rene

The James Webb Space Telescope will include four instruments one of which is a mid IR camera and spectrometer named MIRI. This instruments is well suited to a search for extrasolar planets, and to the study of faint red-shifted galaxies.

It covers the wavelength range of 5-28 microns, with 4 different modes:

coronograph, imager, low resolution spectrocopy, and medium resolution spectroscopy. A key subset of Miri: Mirim, covers the first 3 modes.

A scienfitic simulator,MirimSim, has been written for Mirim. The output of the simulator are realistic images which have been used to test the perfomances of the instrument. The same images will be used to test the pipeline. It is written in IDL to ease the maintenance, portability and userfriendly GUI. It is portable (runs on macintosh osx, pc linux and pc windows). The code is split in 3 modules: wavefront propagation, photometry, and GUI. The inputs (filter transmissions, geometrical data, etc..) are stored in standard fits file, and the parameters in a simple ascii file. The time to process an image is about one minute, and spectra about half hour on a standard laptop.

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