Virtualisation and Grid Utilisation within the CANFAR Project

Gaudet, SÚverin

The Canadian Advanced Network For Astronomical Research (CANFAR) is an operational system for the delivery, processing, storage, analysis, and distribution of very large astronomical datasets. The goal of CANFAR is to support large Canadian astronomy projects. CANFAR is cyber-infrastructure combining the Canadian national research network (CANARIE), grid processing and storage resources (Compute Canada) and a data centre (CADC) into a unified storage and processing system. For processing, the project has combined the best features of the grid and cloud processing models by providing a self-configuring virtual cluster deployed on multiple cloud clusters. The CANFAR processing service makes use of many technologies from the grid, cloud and VO communities such as Condor, Nimbus (and others), Xen, Cloud Scheduler, iRODS, VOSpace, UWS, SSO and CDP. This talk will describe the architecture of the CANFAR processing service, the operational experiences, the lessons learned and the future directions of this Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) project.

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