XMM-Newton Remote Interface to Science Analysis Software: First public version

Ibarra Ibaibarriaga, Aitor

We present the first public beta release of the XMM-Newton Remote Interface to Science Analysis (RISA) software, available through the official XMM-Newton web pages.

RISA software allows scientists to discover, download and reduce XMM-Newton data without having to install any project specific software and it uses all XMM-Newton Science Analysis Software capabilities (parameter interface and image selection expressions). It has been coded taking into account the Virtual Observatory paradigm, taking advantage of VO protocols such as SIAP or SAMP.

The software design is based on client/server application (using axis and tomcat server to deploy the application) and it has been developed to be used in GRID environments, but it can be easily adapted to any other system architecture such as cluster or cloud computing. The system allows the user to search for any XMM-Newton data (pointing or slew observation) using SIAP protocols and name resolver services. The application has been designed as a mission independent analysis tool, being possible to implement tasks and workflows from different missions.

The RISA client is able to work with raw XMM-Newton data or it can be also used starting with pipeline processed files. The user can create tailored workflows fully configurable or can also select pre-defined workflows that automatically produce XMM-Newton images, spectra, light curves or source lists. The results can be sent through SAMP messages to viewer applications such as VoSpec or ds9. Finally, the user can retrieve the data when the jobs have finished.

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