SCUBA-2 Data Processing

Jenness, Tim

SCUBA-2 is the largest submmillimetre array camara in the world and was commissioned on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope with two arrays towards the end of 2009. A period of shared risks observing was then completed and the full planned complement of 8 arrays are to be installed in Autumn 2010. SCUBA-2 collects data at a rate of 8MB/s with a goal of producing useful maps in near real time at the telescope and near publication quality maps in the JCMT Science Archive. These time constraints are only possible using multi-threaded algorithms. This paper discusses the challenges of processing sub-millimetre total power data such as the removal of the atmosphere, correcting for calibration drifts and fixing steps introduced in the time series by the acquisition system. We describe the SMURF software package and its integration with ORAC-DR and PiCARD. The software is available under the GPL as part of the Starlink Software Collection.

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