LBT Distributed Archive: status and features.

Knapic, Cristina

After the first release of the LBT Distributed Archive, this successful collaboration is continuing inside the LBT corporation. The IA2 (Italian Center for Astronomical Archive) team had updated the LBT DA with new features in order to facilitate user data retrieval also respecting VO directives. A database migration, a new data distribution software, as well as some additional feature in the LBT User Interface has been developed for easy integrate any new instrument/s.

The DBMS engine has been changed to MySQL and optimized to easily adapt insertion of data coming up from new instrument/s. Consequently, data handling software was updated using java thread technology in order to update and synchronize Mt. Graham, Tucson (main storage archives), Trieste and Heidelberg archives with all metadata and proprietary data. The LBT UI has been updated with additional features, allowing users to search by instrumentation and instrument images more important characteristics.

Finally, instead of a simple cone search service on LBT image over all data, new instrument dedicated SIAP and cone search services has been developed and their publication in the IVOA framework is planned to be during this autumn.

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