Cross-matching large photometric catalogues for parameterization of single and binary stars

Malkov, Oleg

We discuss the methods of reliable cross-matching of large photometric catalogues of various wavelengths (SDSS, GALEX, 2MASS, USNO-B1, etc) for the purpose of collection and use of multicolor (from UV to IR) photometry for cross-matched objects. We pay special attention to the performance issues and describe several approaches for the speed-up of the match, involving construction of various spatial indices, both planar and spherical. We discuss the means of dealing with ambiguous (multi-candidate) matches using a-priori information.

Color-indices diagrams, constructed with the obtained photometry, are powerful tools for parameterization of stars. Particularly, detection of a composite flux in photometry can serve as an indication of a photometrically unresolved binarity and can contribute to the parameterization of the components of binary systems. Interstellar extinction value for cross-matched stars can also be calculated from the multicolor photometry.

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