The HST-COSMOS & zCosmos information system

Moreau, Chrystel

The last decades have witness a strong increase in the amount of data coming from astronomical surveys. These data are exploited by large international collaborations of scientists working around the same scientific goals.

The regular request of high data-quality control, fast data access via easy-to-use graphic interfaces, as well as the possibility to cross correlate information coming from different observations motivates the use of scientific information systems.

The CeSAM (Centre de donnéeS Astronomiques de Marseille) data center answers to the aforementioned needs offering a specialized database service to the nowadays largest astrophysical surveys(VVDS, GALEX, HST-COSMOS, Hershel, Corot, etc..).

We here focalised our attention on the HST-COSMOS & zCOSMOS information system, recently opened to the scientific community. We are dealing with data coming from the largest ever-undertaken cosmological survey. The associated database has the specificity to archive, visualize and correlate multi-wavelenghts and spectroscopic datasets.

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