Build YOUR All-Sky view with Aladin

Oberto, Ana´s

From the need to extend the display outside the boundaries of a single image, Aladin team recently developed a new feature to visualize wide areas or even all the sky. This all-sky view is also useful for the visualization of very large objects and, with a coverage of the whole sky, maps from the Planck satellite.

To improve this, some catalogs and maps have been built from many surveys (DSS, IRIS, GLIMPSE, SDSS, 2MASS ...) in mixed resolutions, allowing for progressive display. The maps are constructed by mosaicing individual images.

Now, we provide a new tool to build an all-sky view with your own images. From the images you have selected, it will compose a mosaic with several resolutions (Healpix tessellation), and organize them to allow their progressive display in Aladin. For convenience, you can export it to a Healpix map, or share it with the community through Aladin from your web site or eventually from the CDS image collection.

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