Spectral Analysis in the Virtual Observatory

Ringat, Ellen and Rauch, Thomas

In a collaboration of the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (GAVO) and AstroGrid-D, the German Astronomy Community Grid (GACG), we provide the VO service TheoSSA for the access and the calculation of stellar synthetic energy distributions (SEDs) based on static as well as expanding non-LTE model atmospheres.

However, the determination of stellar parameters within a spectral analysis is commonly still done in the ''classical way'', where the astronomer's experience (chi by eye) decides about the ''best fit''.

An extension of TheoSSA will offer a service to perform an automatical classification based on pre-calculated template SEDs. This will be an option for multi-object spectroscopy that changed the observation technique from obtaining a few single spectra per night to receiving some hundreds in the same exposure time. In addition, preliminary spectral analysis based individually calculated SEDs will be possible.

We present our concept and the progress in preparatory work.

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