The Herschel Database in Marseille

Roehlly, Yannick

The Herschel Database in Marseille (HeDaM [1]) is a web-based information system operated by the CeSaM [2] at the Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (L.A.M.). HeDaM hosts the data of several programmes of the Herschel space observatory the L.A.M. scientists are deeply involved in, in particular the "Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey", the "Very Nearby Galaxies Survey", the "Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey" and the ""Herschel Reference Survey".

In the beginning, HeDaM is used as collaboration tool for each scientific group to share Herschel and ancillary data (each programme has its own site). Eventually, HeDaM will host the sibling sites making available the publicised Herschel data to the scientific community.

Through HeDaM interface (powered by CNES SiTools), scientists can upload new data proposed to incorporation (only in the privates sites), download full catalogues and images, browse the catalogues and access the detailed information on each source (including FITS stamps from associated images) and perform cone search extraction from a dataset selection around a point list.

Compared with other data sharing methods in astronomy, like wikis or FTP servers, HeDaM allows more quality control on the data as it's reviewed by CeSaM team and L.A.M. scientists before incorporation. Also, as the information system is more organised, it's easier for scientist to find relevant data.


[2] Centre de données scientifiques et astronomiques de Marseille

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