Techniques for Time Domain Astronomy

Seaman, Rob and Williams, Roy

The astronomical time domain is poised to enter a golden age of exploration. Large synoptic surveys will nightly produce vast numbers of sky transient alerts contending for limited follow-up resources. Variable phenomena of all descriptions and extending from our own solar system to literally the edge of creation demand physical explanation. Workflows of the compilation, classification and characterization of time-series data will be built into virtual observatory pipelines and physical observatory logistics. Astronomers (and thus programmers) will need to coordinate data from space and ground-based telescopes and across all bandpasses, particles and physical regimes.

Pragmatic techniques, software and systems will be presented for the handling and analysis of complex time domain datasets, how to author an event stream, how to build an intelligent decision maker, and the querying and publication of time domain data using VO facilities. The tutorial will also touch on topics such as push-based messaging, RSS/Atom feeds, authentication/authorization, and autonomous real-time astronomy via robotic telescope control and human-mediated target-of-opportunity observing modes. Participants will receive a copy of the book, "Hot-wiring the Transient Universe" (

The organizers welcome contributed presentations touching on all aspects of time domain astronomy.

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