Oral Presentations

O10_4Ponz, DanielThe Cherenkov Telescope Array Project
O11_3Hassan, AmrDistributed GPU Volume Rendering of ASKAP Spectral Data Cubes
O04_3Schwarz, JosephGoodbye to WIMPs: A Scalable Interface for ALMA Operations
O04_2Arcand, KimberlyThe Aesthetics of Astronomy
O02_2Lee, MatthiasMassively Parallel Fourier-Space Cross-Correlation for Analyzing Highly Dimensional Time Series Databases
O01_1Budavari, TamasCross-Identification of Astronomical Objects
O01_2Pineau, Francois-XavierEfficient and scalable cross-matching of (very) large catalogues
O02_1Walton, Nicholas VAMDC: The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre
O02_3Zolotukhin, IvanPig as a Solution for Accessing Peta-scale Astronomical Datasets
O03_1Szalay, Alexander S.Amdahl's Laws and Extreme Data Intensive Computing
O03_2Bertin, EmmanuelAutomated morphometry with SExtractor and PSFEx.
O03_3Siemiginowska, AnetapyBLoCXS: Bayesian Low-Counts X-ray Spectral Analysis in Sherpa
O04_1Levay, ZoltData to Pictures to Data: Outreach Imaging Software and Metadata
O05_1Accomazzi, AlbertoSemantic Interlinking of Resources in the Virtual Observatory Era
O05_2Connolly, AndrewA new way to interact with data using social networking technologies
O07_3Burgon, RossData Processing Challenges for the Gaia Science Alerts System
O06_2Greene, GretchenOptimizing Architectures for Multi Mission Archives
O02_4Wiley, KeithAstronomical Image Processing with Hadoop
O06_1Mele, SalvatoreOpen Access in High-Energy Physics
O06_3Gray, NormanDigital Preservation and Astronomy: Lessons for funders and the funded
O07_1Garcia-Lario, PedroFirst year in-flight and early science with the Herschel Space Observatory
O07_2Veillet, ChristianThe CFHT Legacy Survey: Done!
O08_1Martens, PetrusComputer Vision for the Solar Dynamics Observatory: Status and What's Next?
O08_2Csillaghy, AndréHELIO – Services and Workflows for the Heliophysics Integrated Observatory
O02_5Lewis, JamesThe Future of ADASS Proceedings - Introduction
O14_3Bailer-Jones, CorynBayesian inference of stellar parameters and interstellar extinction using parallaxes and multiband photometry
O12_3Mahadevan, VenkatA Distributed Datacube Analysis Service for Radio Telescopes
O09_2Barsdell, BenjaminFitting Galaxies on GPUs
O09_3Levine, Deborah
O10_1Mushotzky, RichardWhat Observers Really Want
O10_2Becla, JacekLSST Database Architecture - Preparing for the Extreme Scale Analytics
O10_3Gabriel, CarlosThe COSPAR Capacity Building Initiative
O11_1Gentzsch, WolfgangBig Science on DEISA and PRACE - A European HPC Ecosystem
O11_2Economou, FrossieThe JSA and the Grid: How "infinite" computing power enables a new archive model for PI-led observatories
O12_1Valdes, FranciscoThe Marriage of Mario (NHPPS) and Luigi (OGCE)
O12_2Arviset, ChristopheSynergy between Archives, VO and the Grid at ESAC
O13_2Labrie, KathleenThe Gemini Recipe System: a dynamic workflow for automated data reduction
O13_3McGarvey, KennyA Pattern Recognition System for the Automated Tracking and Classification of Meteors Using Digital Image Data
O13_1Hamada, TsuyoshiAstrophysical N-body simulation on a cluster of GPUs
O13_4Connors, AlannaLIRA, the Low-counts Image Restoration and Analysis Package: a Teaching Version via "R"
O13_5Federl, PavolOn-line Access and Visualization of Multi-dimensional FITS Data
O14_1Goodman, AlyssaThe Past and Future of Linked Views in Scientific Visualization
O14_2Chilingarian, IgorThe true bottleneck of modern scientific computing in astronomy
O14_4Bamford, StevenMeasuring the physical properties of galaxy components using modern surveys

Poster Presentations

P001Ceballos, M. TeresaProcessing chains for Characterization and Data Analysis of TES X-ray detectors
P003Streicher, OleSubtraction of the Sky background in MUSE
P007Le Fèvre, Jean-PaulDistribution of Svom VOEvents using the XMPP protocol
P012Conseil, SimonEMphot: photometric software with Bayesian priors. Application to GALEX.
P013Fenouillet, ThomasCeSAM : The Astrophysical Data Center of Marseille
P015Moreau, ChrystelThe HST-COSMOS & zCosmos information system
P016Roehlly, YannickThe Herschel Database in Marseille
P033Los, EdwardThe DASCH Data Processing Pipeline and Multiple Exposure Plate Processing
P035Sitongia, LeonardImage Processing Pipelines with Java, Databases and IDL
P050Bardeau, SebastienNew concepts in CLASS
P052Roche, Jean-ChristopheInterfacing two ALMA softwares: TELCAL with CASA
P055Duvert, GillesASPRO2: optical interferometry made easy.
P060Rafferty, TomNew control system software for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
P067Peng, NanboCUDA-Acclerated SVM for Celestial Objects Classification
P068Zhang, YanxiaLS-SVM applied for Photometric Classification of Quasars and
P078Redman, RussellPreparing Data for Archiving
P080Bernst, IrinaMAGIX: Generic tool for fitting models to astrophysical data
P084Burke, DouglasCharming users into scripting CIAO with Python - the ciao_contrib.runtool module
P085Galle, Elizabeth C.Python Scripting for CIAO Data Analysis
P086Glotfelty, Kennydax: ds9 analysis extensions in CIAO
P089Miller, JosephImaging in ChIPS
P092Gibbs, DannyMaintaining Software for Active Missions: A Case Study of Chandra's instrumentation Over Time
P094McLaughlin, WarrenCSC Sky in Google Earth
P098Smalley, KyleNew Language, Go, promising for Scientific Programming
P099Bogart, Joanne Changing Horses in Midstream: Fermi LAT Computing and SCons
P103Dencheva, NadezhdaImproving the Position Accuracy In Archived HST Images
P106Levay, KarenCreation, Maintenance, and Use of the MAST/STScI Publications Database
P107Hodge, PhilipRecent Improvements to COS Pipeline Calibration
P109Sontag, ChrisTEAL, the Task Editor And Launcher
P113Cardiel, NicolasUsing boundary fits to determine spectra pseudo-continua
P120Peracaula, MartaSegmentation and detection of extended structures in low frequency astronomical surveys using hybrid wavelet decomposition.
P121Pound, MarcCARMA Correlator Graphical Setup
P124Westman, DavidDetection of Periodic Variability in Simulated QSO Light Curves
P014Granet, YohannFASE : Future Astronomical Software Environment : How to include tools and systems into FASE Environment.
P017Surace, ChristianETC42 a VO compliant Exposure Time Calculator
P127Ibarra Ibaibarriaga, AitorXMM-Newton Remote Interface to Science Analysis Software: First public version
P079Motch, ChristianThe XID results database of the XMM-Newton Survey Science Center
P116Swinbank, JohnThe LOFAR Transients Pipeline
P063Shirasaki, YujiCurrent Status of the Japanese Virtual Observatory Portal
P110Katkov, IvanA new sky subtraction technique for low surface brightness data
P122Teuben, Peterdrpacs: A simple Unix execution pipeline using make
P057Yamada, YoshiyukiApplication of Gaia analysis software AGIS to Nano-JASMINE
P020Ott, StephanHIPE, HIPE, HOORAY!
P065Pence, WilliamNew Methods for Compressing FITS Binary Tables
P059De Jong, JeroenRecording the history of Herschel Data Processing in the data products.
P004Oberto, AnaïsBuild YOUR All-Sky view with Aladin
P018Dorner, BernhardFirst simulation and data reduction of a JWST/NIRSpec observation
P043Holliman, MarkService infrastructure for cross-matching distributed datasets using OGSA-DAI and TAP
P064Stephens, ThomasAn Automated Release Manager For The Fermi Large Area Telescope Software Systems
P100Dubois, RichardTwo Years Before the Mast: Fermi LAT Computing Two Years After Launch - Eight to Go!
P101Kelly, HeatherMaintenance Madness: Fermi LAT Offline Computing's Experience with External Libraries and Support of its User and Developer Communities
P021Fajersztejn, NicolasStoring data in Science Archives: striving for a common infrastructure
P025O'Mullane, WilliamGaia Archive Plans
P087Joye, WilliamNew Features of SAOImage DS9
P069Masters, JoeA Data Analysis and Mapping Pipeline for the Green Bank Telescope
P062Lacy, MarkData processing and archiving at the North American ALMA Science Center
P077Gaudet, SéverinVirtualisation and Grid Utilisation within the CANFAR Project
P097Mink, DouglasData Pipelines for the TRES Echelle Spectrograph
P032Stoehr, FelixMachine learning: quality control of HST grism spectra
P005Derriere, SebastienBuilding a smart portal for astronomy
P030Ballester, PascalScientific Workflows for the ESO Pipelines
P031Hanuschik, ReinhardClosing the observing loop across continents: data transfer between Chile and Europe
P072Barg, IreneNOAO E2E next generation distributed file management using iRODS
P076Dowler, PatrickInfrastructure and Virtual Observatory Standards
P095Van Stone, DavidCSCview, a Graphical User Interface to the Chandra Source Catalog
P019Rauch, ThomasSpectral Analysis in the Virtual Observatory
P119Warner, CraigThe MMT-Pol Instrument Control System
P114Pascual, SergioPyEmir: Data Reduction Pipeline for EMIR, the GTC Near-IR Multi-Object Spectrograph
P115Charcos-Llorens, MiguelThe Challenge of Data Reduction for Multiple Instruments on SOFIA
P010Malapert, Jean-ChristopheSITools2 - Framework for data access layer
P102Kuemmel, MartinImproved Cosmic Ray Rejection for Slitless Spectroscopic Data
P112Magee, DanielWFC3RED: A HST Wide Field Camera 3 image processing pipeline.
P042Cross, NicholasAutomated Curation of Infrared Imaging Data in the WFCAM & VISTA Science Archives.
P039Knapic, CristinaLBT Distributed Archive: status and features.
P070Clark, Mark The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: An Update
P093Watry, AaronChandra Footprint Service: Visualizing Chandra's Sky Coverage
P045Malkov, OlegCross-matching large photometric catalogues for parameterization of single and binary stars
P045Malkov, OlegCross-matching large photometric catalogues for parameterization of single and binary stars
P056Jenness, TimSCUBA-2 Data Processing
P022Saxton, RichardAn upper limit server for X-ray astronomy
P034Servillat, MathieuAstrometry Correction of the DASCH scanned photographic plates

Floor Demo Presentations

D3Kiddle, CameronLooking Towards the Future of Radio Astronomy with the CyberSKA Collaborative Portal
D5Petremand, MatthieuVisualization and logical binding of hyperspectral data using QuickViz and Saada
D1Ballester, PascalReflex, a flexible environment for executing modular pipelines as scientific workflows at ESO

Focus Demo Presentations

F4Schulz, BernhardDemo: The SPIRE Photometer Interactive Analysis Package
F3Refsdal, BrianAdvanced Python Scripting using Sherpa
F2Boch, ThomasAladin, an open source all sky browser

Tutorial Presentations

T2aSeaman, RobIntroduction
T2bSeaman, Rob3 Things
T2cWilliams, RoyAuthoring
T2dWilliams, RoySky Alert
T2Seaman, RobTechniques for Time Domain Astronomy

Bof Presentations

BoF4Pence, WilliamFITS BoF
BoF2-1Fitzpatrick, MichaelIRAF and Beyond
BoF2-2Fitzpatrick, MichaelIRAF and Beyond
BoF2-3Fitzpatrick, MichaelIRAF and Beyond